Rex Smeal

Tasmanian Freelance Animator/Game Artist

Twitter doodles- Stuff I’m messing around with!

More 60s studies.
I’ve been using pixelovely, might move to quickposes soon for some variety- know any other good drawing practice sites? (That aren’t posemaniacs?)

Been making time to do 20min of 1min studies on pixelovely for 2 days. Can already feel myself loosening up. I want to keep on these for a few weeks at least!
(Sorry about the sketchy update, I just don’t have any finished non-work artwork to post!)

Things from the stream!

Hey guys, remember GovHack? This was my team’s project, ‘What is Gov (Baby don’t hurt me)’
We made a game about running a government! (Turns out it’s mostly screaming at everyone else to do things for you!)
I invite you to check out the video- HERE!
Then go to it’s govHack page- HERE and rate it as highly as you like!
I spent a whole weekend building attractive painted graphics and a silly face generator that the hilarious programmers in our group instantly perverted.

Hey hey! It’s another twitter doodle dump!

GovHack 2014

Here’s what I was working on over the weekend! Lots of painted frames and face-bits. Was utterly exhausted by the end, had a great time!

Another friday, another hour or two on this thing.

Twitter doodles!

Well, at least this will keep me at my desk today…

Well, at least this will keep me at my desk today…